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Neurofeedback Technician

Are you feeling stuck in depression, anxiety, grief, or relationship stress?  Life is never without challenges, but you don’t have to face these challenges alone! I am convinced that we can do better than a band-aid approach to therapy. As you go deeper than the surface-level symptoms you’ll find a pathway to healing for parenting struggles, marital issues, or personal heartache.  

I’m Michelle, and I guide people toward healing and wholeness through person-centered neurofeedback.

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Phone: 360.207.9218

Neurofeedback is used to help teach self-control of brain functions by indicating how your brain reacts to certain triggers. Over time, you will learn to recognize when your brain is in a certain state. Then, you can learn to recreate the desired state, such as relaxation, or avoid undesired states, such as agitation, in your daily lives.

After fifteen years of working with individuals in the justice system, I know you are more than your past trauma and unhealed emotional wounds. You have the ability and resilience to overcome life's challenges and find fulfillment. Say goodbye to being trapped in a cycle of pain. Reach out today and discover self-worth, healed relationships, and renewed purpose.

Masters in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: University of the Southwest
Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs, Minor in Criminal Justice: Washington State University

A Little About Me…
I’m convinced that laughter is the best medicine! I approach life with a playful heart and am passionate about the value of being connected to the mind, body, and emotions. I am a certified yoga instructor, avid hiker, and sailor, and love spending time outdoors. My dream is to have AT LEAST two alpacas, but in the meantime, my husband, daughter and I have chickens, an Australian Shepherd, two rescue bunnies, a cat, and our sweet indoor bunny, Butterscotch. 

About : About Me

Services & Fees 

Intern fees are non-profit and only cover the cost of the service.

Image by Alina Grubnyak

In-Office Neurofeedback

$0 - Consultation

$75 – Intake Assessment 

$50 – Neurofeedback Session

Insurance is not accepted for Neurofeedback services
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