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What Are Groups?

Fircrest Behavioral Health offers a variety of Groups to help you live to your live's full potential. Check out the descriptions below for DBT informed Groups, Parent Support Groups and Group Therapy Groups. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and we'll make sure they get answered.

Group Therapy

The War Within: Healthy Sexuality in the Modern World

These faith based weekly groups will provide support and accountability through the modern day struggles of unhealthy sexuality, and teach skills to help young men establish positive behaviors and confidence in their personal relationships.

  • Middle School and High School groups offered (Flier here)

$30 per session (10 sessions)

Fill out the form below or contact for any questions you may have!

DBT Informed Groups

Sometimes problems can't be fixed, or just take time to resolve. One of the beautiful things about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is that it doesn't always have to fix the problem. Instead, it addresses cognitive and emotional concerns in spite of the problem. In DBT informed skills groups, Stephen Black will teach skills in the areas of distress tolerance (what to do when you feel like freaking out), emotion regulation (managing the roller coaster of emotions day to day), and interpersonal effectiveness (getting along with people, even if you don't really like them), and mindfulness (paying attention to what's going on inside and outside of yourself) that individuals will be able to use to weather the storms in life regardless of what they might be. Check out the flier here.

  • Adult Group: Wednesdays at 5pm ($720 for 12 sessions)

  • Age 13-17 Group: Thursdays at 4pm ($360 for 12 sessions)


Fill out the form below or contact for any questions you may have!

Parent Support Groups

Kat Fitzgerald, CNA currently offers two parent support groups. The Support Groups teach a range of foundations from skills, tips, and support for parenting littles with big feelings. Check out the flier here.

  • Foundations in Parenting Support Group (recommended for ages 1-8)

  • Attachment and Trauma Informed Parent Support Group

  • Special Needs Program

6 Week Program: $150

12 Week Trauma Informed Program: $250

10 Week Special Needs Program: $200

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are led by Robin Weston, LMHCA. Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only. Depending on the nature of what you are wanting to work on, group therapy can be an ideal choice for positive change in your life.​ 

  • Faith-based Story-Work Therapy Group: This 12-week, faith-based therapy group focuses on the importance of your story, what it is telling you and how it is influencing your life today. Explore what you learned from your family of origin, how your story shaped/s you, what you were designed for, why you have the relationships you have, the role of tragedy in your Story, and how to recognize and change unhealthy patterns. We will dig into each of these topics with weekly reading, discussion and assignments designed to provoke your curiosity and reflection, and take you deeper into who you truly are. Contact Robin Weston, LMHCA at 360-836-0857 or for more information and check out the flyer here.

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