Training and Background

Aynsley graduated from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon with a master’s degree in clinical counseling in 2011.

He began his post-graduate work at LifeWorks Northwest, in Portland Oregon, where he was a member of their Intensive Community-based Treatment Services (ICTS) team, providing crisis intervention for children and their families. While at LifeWorks, he further developed his clinical skills and a passion for doing work with men, children, and their families.

In addition to talk therapy, Aynsley provides Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to his clients. These techniques use specialized equipment to monitor and change your responses related to various mental health issues.

In his free time, Aynsley can be found exercising and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, football, and a new found hobby: 1920’s-1940’s style swing dancing (Lindy Hop/Jitterbug)


Email: aynsley@fircrestbh.com

Phone: 360.207.9218


Services & Fees 

Individual Counseling

$140 - Consultation

$175 – Intake Assessment 

$140 – Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

$140 – Consultation

$175 – Intake Assessment 

$160 – Family Counseling Session

Continuous Performance Test ADD/ADHD Assessment

$210 for 90 minutes with previous consultation

In-Office Neurofeedback

$140 - Consultation

$175 – Intake Assessment 

$140 – Individual Counseling

Myndlift Home Neurofeedback Units

($250 non-refundable per month)

$650 base price per household

$100 each additional user

$1,200 for 2 months

Brain Mapping

$650 – 1 brain map

$1,200 – 2 brain maps

Price of maps may vary depending on need for specialist screenings. This may add $100 - $400 per map.

Insurance is accepted for all counseling services and not accepted for Neurofeedback.
Accepted Insurance Providers:
  • TriWest
  • FirstChoice

(360) 207-9218

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