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Sexual Addiction Counseling: Services

Sexual Addictions & 

Pornography Counseling

Like other addictions, sexual addictions are difficult to control and end, affect both men and women, and begin for a variety of reasons (e.g. curiosity, pleasure, exposure, sexual abuse, coping with negative emotions). Each person differs in how often they act out sexually and how much it impacts their day-to-day functioning. Sexual addictions and pornography use have devastating effects on relationships, intimacy, identity, finances, and other life domains.

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The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity describes sexual addiction as a “Persisting and escalating pattern of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.”

Sexual addictions may be diagnosed as a mental health disorder when it impacts your ability to function at home, school, or work, or in your relationships.


Symptom Self-Check

  • Are you secretive about your sexual behaviors and thoughts?

  • Have you sexually acted out in inappropriate places?

  • Have you repeatedly engaged in sexual activities that you later regret?

  • Do you find yourself masturbating in public or at work?

  • Are you overly preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

  • Do you spend an excessive amount of time watching pornography?

  • Do you feel shame or guilt after your sexual experiences?

  • Do you spend an excessive amount of money pursuing your sexual desires?

  • Have you ever experienced legal problems because of your sexual pursuits?

  • Do you have to jeopardize your morals and values?

  • Are you experiencing problems in life, family, work, or other relationships?

  • Have close friends or family expressed concern about your sexual behavior?


Sexual Addictions can include:

  • Pornography

  • Excessive masturbation

  • Multiple affairs

  • Use of prostitutes

  • Multiple sexual partners

  • Sexual harassment

  • Stalking

  • Molestation/rape

  • Exhibitionism

  • Voyeurism

  • Rigid sexual rituals

  • Obsessive relationships

  • Excessive use of finances to fulfill sexual pleasures


Treatment for Sexual Addictions and Pornography

Sexual addictions can be treated and it’s important to work with a professional to help identify an effective treatment plan.

  • Counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Medications (i.e. antidepressants, mood stabilizers)

  • Accountability and support

  • Education and empowerment

  • Stress management and reduction

  • Problem solving

  • Skill building

  • Relaxation training

  • Cognitive re-structuring

  • Assertive communication training

  • Self-care (sleep hygiene, exercise, nutrition)

  • Trauma counseling (for victims of abuse)

  • Relationship repair

If you are experiencing any sexual addictions that are impacting your well-being and functioning, please connect with Fircrest Behavioral Health for professional therapeutic support to address your needs and goals.


Additional Resources for Sexual Addictions:

What is Sexual Addiction by Psych Central

Sexual Addiction and Recovery by SMART Recovery (Information, resources, support groups)

Do you want help finding freedom from your Sexual Addiction?
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