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Counseling Intern

"I don't want to go to school." "I don't want to go home from school." "Will this nightmare EVER end?" These fears, and others like them, are common experiences among young people. Being young can be really, really stressful. School, family, sports, grades, friends, significant others, the pressure to be "cool" and "acceptable;" the list goes on and on and on!

Maybe you were wounded by a person or people and have been too scared to share, but now you have finally found the courage to tell someone. Or maybe you want to share but just don't know how - or are afraid to. You just feel really, really stuck.

When we feel stuck, it can be hard to find words to describe how we feel - if those words exist at all. Creative expression can be an incredibly powerful way to navigate that trickiness, and we can use games, art, and other creative mediums to process those feelings. I provide an environment where that is not just welcomed, but encouraged!


Sometimes life just sucks, and getting unstuck can seem like a hopeless dream. Fortunately, therapy can provide that hope and help you on your way to health. It's just your job to take that first step, and I would be honored to take the second, third, and more steps along with you. If you think we might be a good fit, please reach out so we can connect!
In my spare time, I enjoy doing creative things, specifically reading, writing, and gaming with close family and friends.

Client focus: Children (6+), preteens, teens, young adults



  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • School issues

  • Anxiety

  • Sexual abuse

  • Betrayal trauma

  • Self-harm 

  • Relationship issues and boundaries

  • Physical abuse (victim)

  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

  • Life transitions

  • Men’s issues

  • Grief


B.A. in Psychology from Multnomah University; now working on M.A. in Counseling at Multnomah University, set to graduate in the next two years.

Contact to Schedule An Appointment


Phone: 360.207.9218

About : About Me

Services & Fees 

Intern fees are non-profit and only cover the cost of the service.

$100 – Intake Assessment

$70 – Session

Image by Nik Shuliahin

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is where people come to solve problems, grow, and change their lives in the direction that they think is best for them and their families. When people are stuck and they don't know how to stop certain behaviors, counseling can provide the skills they need to get them where they want to go in life.

Family at a Beach

Family Counseling

Family Counseling is where the parents and kids come together to talk through ongoing problems in the household and how to have more fun and peace in the home. The counselor sits down with everyone at once and identifies how everyone may or may not be contributing to these goals.

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