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Neurofeedback Technician

If you’re struggling with anxiety, migraines, sensory processing, sleep issues, or trauma then you know how overwhelming day-to-day life can be. Will you make it to that special celebration, or will you be alone in a dark room? Will you ever find healing from the trauma that impacts your body, mind, and emotions? To do that, your brain needs to find a new way to function. 

I’m Bethie and I focus on helping people find healing and reach their full potential through neurofeedback.

We use EEGs to read your brain waves, show your brain what it is doing through visual, auditory, and tactile feedback, and allow your brain to make changes to improve symptoms.

I understand how hard it can be to handle the pressures of this world with no end in sight. That’s why I’ve been helping people improve their mental health for four years including experiencing better sleep, reduced anxiety, clearer thinking, less pain, and improved emotional control. You shouldn’t have to tackle the crisis in isolation! Make an appointment today and get ready to experience healthier thoughts and positive actions. 

Master’s degree in Counseling: Western Seminary
Bachelor of Arts in Education: Washington State University

A Little About Me…
When I’m not at work you’ll find me full of energy and fun while playing with my nieces and nephew and spending time with friends and family. On our cold Northwest days, I love reading and sewing.


Contact to Schedule An Appointment


Phone: 360.207.9218

Services & Fees 

Image by Alina Grubnyak

In-Office Neurofeedback

$0 – Consultation 

$200 – Intake Assessment 

$180 – Neurofeedback Session

Insurance is not accepted for Neurofeedback.
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