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Neurofeedback Technician

Are you a parent who is struggling to raise kids who have special needs, ADHD, reactive attachment disorder, emotional reactivity, or aggression? I’m here to equip your family with tools and resources to build healthy family dynamics and connections. 

I am passionate about seeing families find hope in the middle of the messiness of life. Through my work as at a state group home for boys, I saw firsthand the stress and anxiety of raising children and teens from traumatic backgrounds. In my past role as a trauma-informed Therapeutic Respite Nanny, and parent and family coach, I worked to empower parents to become confident in coaching their kids through all stages of life.


If you’re looking for an effective treatment for sleep issues, relational struggles, chronic pain, lack of focus, and reactivity you may benefit from Neurofeedback. 

Neurofeedback trains your brain to operate more efficiently and helps your brain regulate itself. Through EEG technology, I provide your brain with the information it needs in real time for it to change its own activity and move toward more healthy patterns.

Client Focus: 5 and older, families

Certified Nursing Assistant 
Neurofeedback Technician Training

A Little About Me...
When I’m not working with other families, I can be found on a spontaneous adventure or taking day trips to the coast with my wonderful husband, 3 children, and a van full of our closest friends. I have, on occasion, even been known to dress up like a pirate for local events. I find great joy in my pastime as an accomplished artist, painting murals, illustrating books, and working in graphic design and theater.


Contact to Schedule An Appointment


Phone: 360.207.1840

I know you are ready to say goodbye to struggles with anxiety, sleepless nights, and constant battles for power. I’m here to guide you to create the family you’ve always dreamed of while finding peace and transformation in the process.

Services & Fees

Parents and Toddler

Individual Parent/Family Coaching

$0 – Consultation

$125 – Intake Assessment 

$100 – Session

Support Group

Parent Support Groups (online)

  • Foundations in Parenting: Skills, tips, and support for parenting littles with big feelings (Recommended for Ages 1-8)

  • Attachment and Trauma Informed Parent Support Group

  • Special Needs Program

6 Week Program: $150

12 Week Trauma Informed Program: $250

10 Week Special Needs Program: $200

Life coaching

Mentoring/Skills Training

  • $0 – Consultation

  • $85 – Intake Assessment 

  • $75 – Session

Image by Alina Grubnyak

In-Office Neurofeedback

$0 – Consultation

$135 – Intake Assessment 

$120 – Session

$25 (one time fee) – Symptom Tracker 

*Inquire about Family Member Discount Program pricing

Insurance is not accepted for Neurofeedback.

Kat offers  a Family Member Discount Program, inquire to see if you're eligible.
  • 2 family members from the same household.
  • Each receives a 20 minute session, back to back in the same time slot. $60 each/ $120 for full session
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