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Behavioral Health Coach

Neurofeedback Technician, Life and Family Coach, and Brainspotting Practitioner

Whether you are a parent who is burned out from raising a high needs child, an adult who is feeling stuck or aimless in life, someone struggling with body image or physiological changes, or maybe you are an adolescent who is questioning faith, neurodiversity, identity, education, or how to move forward despite all of the pressures and expectations around you… Whoever you are and whatever journey you are on, I am passionate about helping you find hope in the middle of life’s greatest challenges.

In my 13 years of experience working intimately with individuals and families in crisis, I have developed a love of equipping people with the skills and support that they need in order to set goals and be empowered to reach them.

As a Behavioral Health Coach, I am intentional in my 3 goals:

  1. To be a listening ear with no judgement or agenda.

  2. To offer you effective skills and emotional tools (and help you apply them) so that you can find hope for healing and live your best life.

  3. To help you be your own greatest advocate for your own behavior and wellness, even when relating with others. (ie: children, extended family, estranged family, co-workers, peers, etc.) 

I believe in the power of the brain and nervous system that we are created with, and embrace the gift that it is! When our bodies have lived in physical, emotional, or even perceived danger or stress for any extent of time, our brains develop unhealthy patterns for the sake of survival. These patterns can surface as sleep issues, migraines, high anxiety or panic attacks, racing thoughts, lack of motivation, focus issues, anger, reactivity, depression, chronic pain, and so much more. When our bodies are bogged down by all of these symptoms, it can directly impact the way we live our lives or even think about moving forward. For this reason, I offer Neurofeedback and Brainspotting as part of my practice. During our initial Consult, we can discuss your goals and talk about what may be right for you!

A Little About Me...

When I’m not working with other families, I can be found on a spontaneous adventure, serving in missions, or taking day trips to the coast with my wonderful husband, 3 children, and a van full of our closest friends. I have, on occasion, even been known to dress up like a pirate for local events! I find great joy in my pastime as an accomplished artist; painting murals, illustrating books, and working in graphic design and theater.


  • Trained Brainspotting Practitioner

  • Trained Neurofeedback Technician

Contact to Schedule An Appointment


Phone: 360.207.9218

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