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What is Home Neurofeedback?

Home Neurofeedback allows a client to experience the benefits of Neurofeedback in the comfort of their own home. This is done by using a wearable device and a mobile app while the clinician monitors their brain activity and progress remotely. By downloading the Myndlift app and using a Muse headset, the client will be able to train remotely with close clinical supervision.

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What is used in the training?

Myndlift Neurofeedback training requires an EEG headset that is placed on the head. Once connected, the client can start playing games or watching videos that are controlled by their brainwaves. Through playing these games or watching the videos, their brain will learn to better regulate itself.

How do I get started?

A few in-office sessions are required to get the process started.

Session 1: Consultation to ensure that this is a good fit

Session 2: Psychological testing/Continuous Performance Test

Session 3: Training on how to use the headset and app

What is involved in the training process?

A client will use the Myndlift Neurofeedback training for 20-40 sessions (~2-3 months) depending on the level to which symptoms are reduced. Between sessions, 1-2 nights of sleep is recommended so that their brain can transfer the new skill from short-term to long-term memory. During the entire process, the client will be asked to keep track of symptoms through an email symptom tracker in order to keep track of progress.

The Last Step

Following the completion of a client's sessions, the client will take part in a Post Continuous Performance Test to compare whether there is a statistically significant difference in performance since taking the Pre-test.

Do you feel stuck and want to try Neurofeedback?
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