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Biofeedback: Service


By attuning to each client’s unique situation, Brainspotting works deep within the limbic system of the brain (deep into the lower mid-brain). It can help to identify, process, and release core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms that are typically out of reach of the conscious mind’s cognitive and language capacity. This approach can be effective with or without words, for all ages, and can be done in person or via telehealth.


Brainspotting can be highly effective for:

  • Physical and emotional trauma

  • Emotional Distress

  • Recovery from injury and accident trauma

  • Anger and Reactivity problems

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Addictions (especially cravings)

  • Stress and trauma resulting from medical illness, interventions, and treatment

  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions

  • ADD and ADHD

  • Body Image and Shame

  • Tics and Stuttering

  • Environmental illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Phobias

  • Preparation and recovery from surgery

  • Management of major medical illness

  • Symptoms of traumatic brain injury

Do you think Brainspotting would be a good fit for you or your family member?
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