We will walk alongside people who want to reach for health in their mind, body, and soul so that they can live their life’s full potential.

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We believe every human being is valuable. We love people a lot. Our work is to help you work on your life.

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Children (ages 5 and up) - Teens - Adults

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Neurofeedback is a type of Biofeedback, which trains your brain to operate more efficiently and helps it regulate itself. In effect, your brain is learning a new skill and is encouraged to keep this skill.

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Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping is used synonymously with Quantitative Electroencephalography and is an assessment that can provide insight into how someone's brain is functioning and communicating with itself. 

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Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or don't see something that you are looking for.

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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is where people come to solve problems, grow, change their lives in the direction that they think is best for them and their families.

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling is where the parents and kids come together to talk through ongoing problems and how to have more fun and peace in the home.



Biofeedback aids you in making focused changes in your body to achieve the feeling you want, like becoming poised before problem solving with a loved one.

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What health goals are you tackling? Whether you're dealing with a new health problem, growing your family, or just have a few questions, The Family Doc is here to help. A naturopathic physician and midwife based in Portland, OR, Dr. Juarez has a cash-based tele-health and mobile medical practice ready to serve your needs.


At Gracefall, the therapeutic relationship allows therapist and client to have a secure connection where they can experience love and honesty, together. As it grows, clients grow in their awareness of the body/mind connection and begin to see healing in both. At Gracefall, we specialize in sex addiction and its consequences, healing relationships, trauma, and shame.

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