Kathryn Fitzgerald, CNA

Neurofeedback Technician,

Kathryn has been working closely with children, teens, and their families since 2010. Having started at a state group home for boys, she watched, first hand, as many families struggled through raising and caring for children and teens coming from traumatic backgrounds. From there, she partnered with a number of therapists, social workers, and other specialists to serve families on a more personal level, as an attachment and trauma-informed traveling “Therapeutic Respite Nanny” and parent/family coach. It was through this work that she met and later adopted her oldest daughter, in 2013. For the last ten years, her desire has been to equip families and their support systems with tools and resources for bonding and building healthy family dynamics; walking alongside parents to empower them to become coaches in the lives of their children into adulthood.

“Kat’s” experience ranges from individuals and families, those going through or planning to foster and/or adopt, and families struggling through attachment, aggression, anxiety, and transitions into raising adult children, as well as physical, emotional, and social trauma.

She has seen several clients reap great benefits from Neurofeedback over the last 10 years, which has led her to pursue the training as a technician for herself, as another tool to help support healing individuals and families. She is currently a CNA and is pursuing a degree in Psychiatric Nursing.

When she is not working with other families, Kat can be found on a spontaneous adventure or taking day trips to the coast with her wonderful husband, their 3 children, and a van full of their closest friends. She has, on occasion, even been known to dress up like a pirate for local events. Kathryn finds great joy in her pass-time as an accomplished artist, painting murals, illustrating books, and working in graphic design and theater.


Kathryn Fitzgerald, CNA