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Contracting Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Therapy can suck sometimes. Wait, I’m not supposed to say that, right? But it’s the truth. Paying to bare your soul to a complete stranger, cry a lot of tears, and blame it all on your folks? No thanks. But what if it wasn’t like that? What if it involved a lot of humor, problem solving, and character growth? Now we’re talking. 

My name is Caleb, and I believe therapy can be light-hearted (sometimes). I offer insight, empathy, reflection, humor, and maybe the occasional obscure video game or film reference while providing a judgment-free sounding board for problem solving, managing conflict, and establishing, plus maintaining healthy relationships. I have experience helping those with anxiety and depression, teens, those in the autism community, and those who have experienced religious or spiritual trauma. I especially enjoy working through men’s issues with men of all ages.

I utilize the Story-Informed Trauma Therapeutic model, envisioning everyone's therapeutic journey being about recognizing their own broken story they've inherited and our work being how to mend that broken story and to input a new, healthy, and fully-formed story of your own making.

Therapy can be hard, especially for us as men. In a world with a thousand different examples of masculinity, it can be confusing to navigate your identity and how to be the kind of man you want to be. You may have been told to “soldier up, tough it out,” and at the same time, wonder how to avoid this “toxic masculinity” that everyone is talking about. Through emotion focused therapy, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing techniques, I assist men in finding those lost emotions they had as boys, but may find difficult to speak to as men. 

At the end of the day, as a therapist my goal is for you to feel seen and heard. You are capable, and I’m here to help you see you’re already enough. I strive to be like Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting, minus the choking scene. (No need to worry about that; I’m all virtual anyway!)

So, if you’ve been doing the best you can, but there's one too many roadblocks in your way, reach out. Reaching out doesn't mean giving up, it means “leveling up.” Batman needs an Alfred, Aragorn needs a Gandalf, Harry needs a Dumbledore. Let me tap into your core "Skills, attributes, and equipment." to better face the bosses and villains in your way. (After all, I’m a healer IRL as well as on Xbox.)

Client focus: Teens, Adults, Spiritual Trauma, ASD, ADHD


Master’s in Counseling: Western Seminary 

A Little About Me...

In case my bio didn’t spill the beans already, I’m a huge nerd in several formats: fantasy novels/shows/films, sci-fi novels/shows/films, video and board gaming, and frankly, a whole lot more too. I am also happily married to my wife Alexis and we love making delicious meals, going on walks with our adventurous, cowardly, and immensely sweet dog Cooper, frantically serving up dishes in the game Overcooked, exploring nature, shooting hoops, and attempting to stay relevant with the youths the best we can.  

Contact to Schedule An Appointment


Phone: 360.207.9218

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Do you want to know more about me before reaching out?

Check out my personal site to learn more about who I am, what I'm passionate about, and how I can serve you in your journey. 

Services & Fees 

Rates may vary for counseling services based on your insurance and payment preferences. For more information on insurance policies and payment options, see here. Otherwise, feel free to reach out and we'll make sure all of your questions get answered.

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Individual Skills Training

Individual Skills Training is where people come to solve problems, grow, and change their lives in the direction that they think is best for them and their families. When people are stuck and they don't know how to stop certain behaviors, skills training can provide the skills they need to get them where they want to go in life.

Contracting Counselors are independent clinicians contracting with Fircrest Behavioral Health, and are solely and independently responsible for the health care services they provide.

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