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Telehealth Skills Trainer

Your life is a story and my job is as a guide. You’ve got dragons in your life: anxiety, depression, trauma. And it’s our job to face them. Together. I work with teens, those on the autism spectrum, those who have experienced spiritual trauma/duress, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, emotional regulation issues, and so on. The answer is in you and I’d love to work with you to go on the quest of discovering just what precisely that answer is.


I enjoy seeing clients experience for themselves their capacity to “face dragons” and become more self-reliant, healthily interdependent with support systems, and be a more present and active member of their families, friend groups, relationships, and social connections. In my work with clients this includes elements of narrative therapy, emotion focused therapy, and motivational interviewing along with a healthy dash of my “wizard” like attuning and awareness of your personal “story quest.” 

Overall, I believe you are always the best resource for change because it is your story we are aiming to align more truly to your experience and not someone else’s. Together, we can slay a dragon or two, level you right up, and equip you to face other dragons along the way, surprising yourself as you gain strength, self-compassion, and character along the way. 

Client focus: Teens, Adults, Spiritual Trauma, ASD, ADHD


Master’s in Counseling: Western Seminary 

A Little About Me...

In case my bio didn’t spill the beans already, I’m a huge nerd in several formats: fantasy novels/shows/films, sci-fi novels/shows/films, video and board gaming, and frankly, a whole lot more too. I am also happily married to my wife Alexis and we love making delicious meals, going on walks with our adventurous, cowardly, and immensely sweet dog Cooper, frantically serving up dishes in the game Overcooked, exploring nature, shooting hoops, and attempting to stay relevant with the youths the best we can.  

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Phone: 360.207.9218

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Services & Fees 

Rates may vary for counseling services based on your insurance and payment preferences. For more information on insurance policies and payment options, see here. Otherwise, feel free to reach out and we'll make sure all of your questions get answered.

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Individual Skills Training

$90 - Session

Family at a Beach

Autism Skill Support Group

$30 - Session

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